Beware of fake products

losing money on trading?
A warning to everyone. We are writing this because we’ve been contacted by someone who bought an EA named Auto Recovery from some forex forum or chat room. It didn’t end up very well, and needless to say they didn’t get any positive profits from using the expert advisor.
Skilled fraudsters seemed to have created fake RobotFX expert advisors and indicators and they are trying to sell them by impersonating us.
Do mind that you can get the original RobotFX experts and indicators only from the RobotFX websites. We have just 3 official domains, which are RobotFX ro, info and download. If you have found our products, copies of our products or some other expert advisors/indicators claiming to do exactly what the RobotFX are doing on any other domains, you are most likely about to be scammed. Best case scenario, you will get nothing in return, or you will get something that will make you lose money instead of making them.