Make money advertising RobotFX products

You do not need to register in order to earn $$ from selling RobotFX products. You don’t even need to trade or know anything about trading. Our affiliate system is simple and transparent and can be used by anyone.

By referring our products, both you (the referral) and the customer will make money.

 How the RobotFX affiliate system works

On the checkout page, before making the payment, the customer has to enter their details as seen in the picture below. FYI, the Trailing Stop EA costs 98$.
RobotFX affiliate system
Make money by selling RobotFX products
In this example, John Smith is the customer and he is purchasing the Trailing Stop EA from our website, following your affiliate advice. Therefore, he has entered your email next to the Referral section.


 How much money can I earn?

This depends on how many customers you will bring us, and so it can be from 0$ to an unlimited amount. Your cash award, based on each sale, will be 5% from the total price that the customer pays per transaction. That means that they can buy more than one product, and so your income will be higher.

 Why is this system working?

Simply because the customer will get a discount, too. Their discount will be awarded after the payment, as a refund, and it will worth 5% from the total price, just as much as your reward.

By using this simply affiliate system you both earn money, the referral and the customer as well.

 What if I didn’t receive my 5% money?

Your reward will be sent as soon as we verify and cash in the payment. This shouldn’t take more than a week. It is worth to mention that the customers will get their refund faster, because we will use the same payment method (PayPal). If, however, you feel that the payment should have been done already, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t forget to instruct your customer/s to enter your referral email, otherwise none of you will get their 5% reward.

 How can I cash in my money?

We will send your money using Payoneer. Payoneer is a well-known and trusted online payment system, and to be able to send you the reward we will only need your Payoneer email, that must be the same as the referral email filled by the customer.

 How to find customers for RobotFX products?

There are plenty methods to advertise something. Think about any of these options:
  • word of mouth
  • social media
  • blogs
  • forums
  • personal websites
  • article sites
  • email signatures
  • …and so on
All you have to do is to explain the potential customers that they can get a 5% discount if they simply use your referral email at checkout. It can’t be easier than that.

Spam or fake articles will damage our reputation, so please make sure that you don’t use these in your advertising campaign, otherwise you might not get your reward.

In a nut-shell

  • Two-three days after the payment, John Smith will get a 5% refund on Paypal (Paypal could tax a small fee, so this can be 4.9$ minus a few cents)
  • One week later will get a 5% reward (4.9$) by Payoneer
  • RobotFX gets a new customer


Payoneer brags to reward every new customer with a 25$ bonus. If you don’t have a Payoneer account, here’s your chance to get 25$ for free.
Thank you for reading and hoping you will decide to become a RobotFX affiliate.