No more Feedburner email subscription

 We have used the Feedburner’s subscription service to allow our blog readers to get notified by the latest updates because it was fast, free and easy to manage. However, according to this announcement, Feedburner will no longer offer email subscription services. This means that you – if you already subscribed to our feed – will no longer get the email notifications.

Upcoming changes to FeedBurner

The existing subscription forms/links have been replaced by subscriptions. If you want to get our news feed by email, you will have to subscribe again using their service. The process is the same, enter the email, subscribe and activate the subscription by clicking the link received. This also means that you will share your email address with the website.

Or, in order to find out the latest updates or any other site news, you will have to simply visit our blog. And if you are sure that an update has been released but have issues finding it, just search for ‘update’.