Patience is the key

Patience is the key
A Western Union unhappy potential customer

Greetings traders,

May I remind to all the potential customers and forex traders interested in our products that that if they use other payment option (than PayPal), such as Western Union. MoneyGram etc, then the delivery will be made AFTER the money will be cashed in (ie not right after they will send them). That’s exactly because the transaction can be canceled and it is the only logical way.

Also, please mind the time difference. You might have sent the money at noon and expecting the product the same day, but the receiver in not in your country (most likely). So from the moment of sending the payment, there might be a 2 days gap until you receive it.

Finally, when trading forex, patience is the key… as in any other successful business. Rush in, and you will get crushed… by the those patient enough to wait for your mistakes. And don’t exaggerate things, just see them as they are. Six hours < 2 days 😉

Thank you for your understanding and good luck trading.