Please learn to use MT4

Sorry to be so direct, but guys, please understand that in order to use our products (or any other EAs, indicators etc) one needs to:

  1. know to use Metatrader and have a minimum of trading skills
  2. understand what our EAs do and how to set them properly
That being said, we cannot really answer email requests such as the one below. We’ve tried to explain that not all our EAs are trading, basically meaning that the strategy tester is useless in this case (#1 above), but we keep getting the same request to email preset files for ALL our EAs (#2 above). Probably he/she refers to the EAs .set (settings) files, however these (the settings) should be set by the trader/customer in order to suit their trading needs. 
Please learn to use MT4
Do not trade if you cannot setup your MetaTrader properly
With the risk of losing a potential customer, there’s not much help we can offer here.
For anyone else interested in using our products, please mind that all of them have been explained, functionality as well as settings. There are also pictures and videos that do this and more, and also trading examples (for the EAs that do trade). If for any reason you cannot get something to work simply fill in a help request on the troubleshooting page. There’s a link there, it will open a Google Forms page and it needs to be filled with the required info – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to do it.