RobotFX EA cracked, fake eBay copies and other free illegal RobotFX expert advisors

If you have found this page searching for Download RobotFX Forex EA crack, decompiled Forex RobotFX Expert Advisors or Pirated Forex RobotFX, please read:

  1. Any RobotFX EA can be download for free from our  official website. You do not have to pay for a cracked copy or decompiled RobotFX EA in order to test and trade on your demo account.
  2. MetaTrader .ex4 files, which is what RobotFX expert advisors are,  can no longer be decompiled since MT4 build 600 version; it is impossible, no matter the computer or/and the software used.
  3. Any potential cracked version of RobotFX EA you may find being offered to buy for cheap on eBay, or any other ForexEADownload, Forex4S (etc) warez websites, will NOT be the real RobotFX EA, but instead:
  • an out right scam where you will pay and are left with nothing 
  • an older version of a RobotFX that was downloaded from our site
  • a completely different EA that the scammers renamed RobotFX
  • an imitation of RobotFX EA that will not and can not trade the same
  • a virus file that might even drain your account if not only  damage your computer 

With these in mind, ask yourself if you’re willing to trust someone pretending to be a hacker/cracker with your money, as in the end you are looking for a good expert advisor to trade on your live trading accounts. These people – the scammers – have no shame at all, they can even survive eBay tough policies. Read below how the scammer (mister01), confronted by the traders that he scammed, is instead accusing his victims of being scammers.

Here are only some complaints that we have on eBay. Unfortunately scammers are everywhere.
Here are only some complaints that we have on eBay. Unfortunately scammers are everywhere.

Also, there is NO official RobotFX EA telegram, if you find yourself in one that is asking for money consider it a scam. We do not do any seminars, we do not offer forex trading advice or any kind of lessons and we definitely do not ask traders for money so we can invest them and grow their wealth. Be sure to report any such activities, wherever you find them!

Although we should be grateful to these low scum sellers for advertising our products, we feal it is the right thing to explain what these fake expert advisors are. From our knowledge, there are a lot of websites ‘collecting’ EAs from various developers, then trying to sell warez copies, many of these from India. They even have the (in)decency to link to the original websites.

In the end, is everyone’s choice what they do with their money. If your intention is to invest in forex trading though, you should start simply by learning to trade, then download a free RobotFX from our website and see if it suits your trading style.