TDI Expert Advisors pre-release (download links)

The RobotFX TDI (Traders Dynamic Index) expert advisor is almost ready, just a few more days to test various brokers and make sure of its compatibility. Meanwhile, feel free to download it and try on your demo trading account.

Comments (3)
June 1, 2022

Hi, thank you for the input. Please mind that the trading times can be disabled altogether by the Enable Trading Sessions (default = false) and that – if enabled – only one time period can be used, not all. You can therefore use only London, and disable Tokio, New York etc.
You can use only the TDI signal, everything else can be either disabled or ignored. For example, if you don't need the Stochastic confirmation simply set the Confirm Entry by = No confirmation.
Also, you can set the SL/TP to some ridiculous high values so the price will never reach them. Having a TakeProfit of 10000 pips would be the same as not having it at all.

June 1, 2022

Hi…. Thank you for this EA… But i dont understand whats the purpose of settings 2 MA Indicator Trend and Settings 3 MA Indicator Signal. What will these MA have to do with TDI strategy?

June 1, 2022

Nice EA, just far too many Inputs (I find). One could reduce the trading times to only 3 lines (instead of 22!), for example. I never need more than just a "Trade from… to…" If I trade the UK session, then I also know the hours, so no need really to define all this. And especially not Xmas, New Year etc.
It would be nice to use TDI alone, i.e. no S/L or P/T (also no Stochastic, MA's etc.). When TDI alerts a Sell then I stay in the sell until a Buy alert comes. Then I go long until the next Sell alert comes. This is what I do using TDI manually and it works just great. Provided I avoid lazy market times…