[UPDATE] RobotFX Fluid v9.93

A single change has been implemented in this new version of our trend trader, and this is the resizing of the trade’s lotsize to the broker’s minimum/maximum allowed valued. This will happen mostly when hedging, usually because there are too many hedging orders allowed to open and the hedging multiplier is too high. So basically the EA tries the normal lotsize, the one resulted from its calculations, and if this is out of the broker’s limits, it resizes it to an allowed value, a value that is within the broker’s limits and that is allowed by the equity.

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It must be said, however, that this should not happen. If it does, you’ve probably set it wrong, either started with a lotisze that is too high for your equity, or allowed the EA to open too many hedging orders in a too short time (many times due to a very small auto-recovery zone). And I’d also like to remind traders that hedging is not very productive when scalping.