Auto Recovery v4.0 (updated)

The latest version of the hedging expert advisor Auto Recovery has been released (v4.0). The hedge EA has been upgraded with a buy and sell buttons. By using the EA’s buttons to open new trades, these will have the expert advisors magic number, making it easier for the trader to use the EA on the same trading instrument, multiple times.

Auto Recovery v4.0 (updated)
Metatrader hedging expert advisor with Buy/Sell buttons

For example, if you open three EurUsd charts and attach the hedging EA on all of them, and set a different magic number for each of them, each of the EAs will monitor only the trades opened on their charts (those having their magic numbers).

Having the Magic Number set to -1 means the expert advisor will monitor trades opened manually (not by clicking on its own buttons). All trades opened manually and not by an expert advisor do not have a magic number.

Auto Recovery EA settings
Settings for the Metatrader hedging expert advisor Auto Recovery

There is only one thing that changed within the EA’s settings and this is the Lotsize. The Lotsize sets the lotsize for the manually opened trades (when using the buy/sell buttons) and it is also the lotsize used by the EA when testing in the strategy tester.