UPDATE RobotFX Auto Recovery, Fluid, NonLagMA

All our hedging expert advisors, including the /complex EA, have been updated to prevent placing of pending orders. Be advised that you should not need this option below set to true, and if that happens it is something wrong on your side or the broker’s server.

Short story: the Prevent Double Pending Orders works by deleting (if that’s the case) the pending orders whenever their more than one, as it should be when using the zone recovery hedging option. So every time there are more than 1 pending hedging order placed, the EA deletes them and places the pending order again on the next tick.
Long story: we have introduced this update while trying to identify (and fix) a bug report from one of our traders, who informed us that the EA is placing 2 pending orders instead of one. Since our EAs logic is to place the pending order only if there is no other already on the chart, we have concluded that it must be a broker server issue, and the only way to avoid this would be to recount the pending orders, then delete them if more than 1 and finally place the pending order again.
Long story short: in the end, it was the trader’s fault as he was using the EA on 2 Metatrader terminal at the same time therefore each of the EA would send the pending order command to the broker, at the same time (same tick). So the trading server executed them both, resulting in 2 pending orders. Obviously we are released that his issue was fixed and the Prevent Double Pending Orders is not needed, but since we have updated the code already we have released the new versions anyway.
In a nut-shell: if you experience any issues such as this (ie double pending orders), please make sure that you are using our EA on a single Metatrader instance, single PC. Otherwise change the magic number to be a positive unique number for each of the charts you are trading using our EA.
If you are sure that you are using the EAs properly and you are experiencing double pending orders, please check again the instructions above and understand that this should not happen; but if positive you’re doing it properly, you should consider changing your broker or, if you insist not to, make use of the experimental Prevent Double Pending Orders.
It is very important to mention again that double pending orders should not happen or, if they do, it is not because of our EAs but rather how you use them or a fault in the trading server. The command to place the hedge pending order is sent to the broker only if there are no other pending order on the chart.