Email Issues

A simple reminder to always check your spam email if you’re waiting for an important message. It should go without saying, but wouldn’t hurt to also try some alternative options to reach us, like Facebook, Twitter etc. This, of course, if you really need to get in touch and, for any reason, you cannot.

Dear Martin,

We have replied you every time except for this one. It is obvious by now that you are not reading our replies. Our email service (Zoho) assures us that our email reach their destination, so they most likely end up in your spam folder. Therefore, we are trying to reach you through this blog post. Please do check ALL your email folders and maybe add our address to your white list, to make sure our replies will be noticed in the future. If this is not the case, do try to ask for support from your (Bluewin) email provider or reach us through the Facebook messenger on our FB page.

Regards, RobotFX Team.