[UPDATE] RobotFX Heiken Ashi v4.3

Since the covid-19 pandemic spread rate seems to weaken, we’ve managed to slowly going back to work. And so we have release a new version of our Heiken Ashi EA. Not much changed regarding the interface, except for the Martingale Level which is now named simply Retry Martingale (ie how many times to increase the lotsize if a trade closes negatively). This has also been fixed as it wasn’t always working properly. Basically it means that if the trader lost a trade, and the Retry Martingale is 3, then the EA will increase the lotsize of the next trade by multiplying the previous lotsize with the Martingale Multiplier, until it will close a trade in profit BUT no more then 3 times. After 3 times, if all those trades were losses, the EA will continue with the lotsize given by the money management.

The code has been cleared a little and when the EA is added to chart there will be useful info printed in the logs,such as minimum lotsize (allowed by the broker), the tick value etc.
Heiken Ashi EA settings