Beware of scammers pretending to work for RobotFX (Carvalho Pinhepvz)

 We have recently found out about a sad thing that happened to one trader in Philippines. And we wouldn’t have, but the scammer used our good name and pretended to work for RobotFX (?!).

They have been scammed by a so called Carvalho Pinhepvz. If we understood correctly, this Carvalho Pinhepvz posed as an account manager and found investors willing to give him/her their money to trade (and hopefully multiply). A trigger should have been the fact that Carvalho Pinhepvz asked for the money to be transferred to him in bitcoin.

Sadly, one victim felt for this scam and lost almost 50000$. When confronted, the ‘trader’ denied the transfer, stating she/she didn’t receive any BTC. Of course, all transactions can be verified online on sites such as blockcypher.

The main lesson to be learnt from this unfortunate event is probably not to trust people you don’t know with your money. Especially specimens such as this guy:

Carvalho Pinhepvz
Carvalho Pinhepvz from his public Facebook profile

Thanks to this guy, we have now decided to stop accepting BTC as payment. We apologize if you were willing to purchase one of our EAs by bitcoin, and we remind traders that we only sell expert advisors to experienced traders. We RobotFX, do not manage other people’s money.

UPDATE – we have contacted this guy to ask for clarification, and also to tell him to stop associating himself with RobotFX. Unfortunately, he called Andy stupid and told him to go to sleep. So any civilized communication failed. He also stated that he works with/for robotfxtechtrade, some imaginary business that no searching engine can find. Obviously a scammer.